For Lisa's Kids
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My sister Lisa finally lost her battle with breast cancer today, 5 days shy of her 48th birthday.  She leaves behind two beautiful girls, Sarah and Jasmine.  She is also survived by her mother Rose Phillips, her father Maurice Olachea and her brothers Gil, Chris and David Olachea.  Lisa was a very loving person and she was always very welcoming to everyone she knew and even to those she did not know.  She had a heart for doing things for other people even when she had little to give.  Lisa will be deeply missed by those who love her but especially by her baby girls.

In an effort to help the girls, we are trying to establish an education fund.  This is not something that we can do alone, therefore we are reaching out to you.  If you can find it in your heart to give to Lisa's girls, the money collected from this fund-raising effort will go to provide these girls with an education in their future.  Donations can be made to via Paypal.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about Lisa's kids and making a donation to them!

If you have any well wishes or prayers, you can sign them into the guestbook or they can be emailed to  Thank you very much!

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